Wide Plank Pine Flooring Install

Dec 16th

Wide plank pine flooring is beautiful and less expensive than other types of hardwood flooring. It is also easier to install than other wood floors; and if you buy one type of precision milling pine floors, it will not be necessary to sand the floor after installation. This will save money to rent a sander and the time and attention it takes to do it right. Before installing the first piece of pine floor, make sure your wood subfloor is level and firm.

Wide plank pine flooring finds the beams on the floor touching the ground with a hammer. A hollow sound will be heard between the beams. Tapping on a beam, a solid sound is heard. Mark the locations of beams in each of the adjacent walls with a pencil.

Wide plank pine flooring, staple on the subfloor with the staple gun. Snap chalk lines on the paper adjacent to the marks made ​​on the wall on each side of the room rosin. This will indicate where the beams are so you can hammer nails into them for greater stability when installing the floorboards. It will also provide a line to use as a guide line to get their boards. Measure the lengths of tables that are needed to cover the floor and cut to length with a circular saw.

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