Wide Plank Laminate Flooring Design Ideas

Dec 16th

Wide plank laminate flooring – laminate floor tiles are manufactured in a wide variety of colors and designs. Mix and match these tiles laminate can create a vibrant floor is the focal point of a room. The pattern you choose is only limited by your imagination. Some tips will help you design and establish a pattern of laminate professional.

Wide plank laminate flooring design ideas, Choose the tiles you use to make your pattern laminate flooring. For easy installation, choose tiles that are the same size. For a pattern that will cover the entire floor tiles to choose four colors or patterns. Select colors and / or patterns that go well together and complement the environment. Remove the furniture in the room. Sweeping and mopping the floor. Allow the floor to dry.

Place the wide plank laminate flooring tiles on the floor in the patterns you want. The most common pattern used is alternating tiles; so no two pieces of the same color or design are next to each other. Other options are stripes and color blocks. Using a border along the perimeter of the room gives the room a cozy feel. Blocks of color can emphasize a breakfast area and another area you want to keep different. Lay and re-lay the tiles until you find a pattern you love. Move some of the tiles on one side of the room.

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