Trend 2017 Backsplash Design Ideas for Kitchen

Apr 3rd

When designing a backsplash design ideas for kitchen or bar top, the most important tip to remember is to choose design materials that are water resistant and durable. The wall behind the kitchen sink is constantly splashed with water, grease, dirt and food scraps. The top bar constantly experiencing spills and broken bottles.  Decide what type of style you want your kitchen or bar to show. If space is small and you want to make it appear larger, choose to use a backsplash and top bar mirror. Mirrors add depth and allusion extra space for a room and are easy to clean. The glass also makes a space look larger than it appears initially invisible to the eye, according to. Granite, marble, metal or steel backsplash design ideas for kitchen and stylish bars and bar more contemporary look, while still being durable and waterproof.

Use color to design a visually appealing bar backsplash design ideas for kitchen. Color lets you use, affordable low maintenance materials and still look chic style. According five color trends for 2017 include creamy neutral tones, subtle or bold violet light or dark gray, pastel green and bright turquoise.

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