The Linen Closet Organization

Jul 30th

Linen closet organization help with our day to day needs of sleeping, eating and bathing. Let’s face it; that can make our lives more comfortable. The problems with clothing somehow start when we have so many that it is difficult to store them properly and then cannot find what you are looking for. Start by sorting and organizing clothes you have. Go through all the sheets and determine which ones are worth keeping and what their needs are bedding at home.

Keep only the clothes you plan to use and remove all others, either by donating to a local charity or degrade the item to the trash rag. Limit yourself to only two sets of sheets per bed. To begin linen closet organization, start removing everything in it. After all what it is then removed to clean the shelves.

If the wood is not then finish painting the shelves or the shelves with shelf liner. If you decide to paint, make sure you have enough time. After the linen closet organization is clean, then you are ready to put items back. Start from the top and work your way on the shelves. Linens can be folded to fit into the spaces on the shelves.

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