The Different Landscape Styles of Rocks

Aug 17th

There are literally dozens of variations of rocks used for functional purposes as well as for aesthetic appeal. Different landscape styles of rocks can come in almost any color, size and shape and form used in functions such as retaining walls in gardens, and also act as roads can simply support a particular style of landscape design to be achieved.  The river rock commonly used and is well known for its small size and smooth surface.

These rocks can come in an amazing variety of colors but usually dark gray or black. You can use river rock to form dry stream beds in your backyard to act as a form of drainage. These rocks are very easy to find and relatively inexpensive when compared with other types of rocks for different landscape styles.

Rocks are used in different landscape styles several ways. Some people like to use rocks to form base pair raised gardens and other types of retaining walls. These rocks can be made of a variety of materials; the point is used so they look natural. In some cases, people these rocks partially buried in the ground to make it appear as if they had been there forever, instead of throwing them there in the garden.

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