Stylish and Attractive Geode Bookends

Aug 2nd

A geode bookends is a functional element but also a testament to the taste and style of the homeowners. Like many other household items, bookends are available in a wide variety of shapes, designs, styles and materials. We can choose from authentic decorative jewelry to simple bookends to perform their function but are almost invisible.

With the wide selection we can find bookends, it is not easy to decide! The imagination has no limits on the design of bookends. The most common are those with globe-shaped, sculpture or bust of a famous person.

If we place the geode bookends on a shelf, it may be sufficient to have one piece that also functions as a decorative element. If we want our bookends to the table will then be necessary for us with two pieces that books do not fall to the left or right.

If you want geode bookends as unobtrusive as possible, to save space and is integrated into the shelf, you can choose the simplest model. This is a model that generally has the shape of two intersecting plates assembled metal or plastic. One plate slides under the books, which ensures it in place by the weight of the books itself.

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