One Piece Shower Stall

Jul 28th

The term “one piece shower stall” unit is a misnomer. Actually, there are four parts to the basic shower unit. A base or drain pan unit, and one wall. Installing a one-piece shower can be very simple, if everything fits. It may also require some major remodeling efforts if the shower units do not fit the space in the home.

Installing a one piece shower stall, one accurately measures the space where the shower will be placed. Remove walls as necessary and build new walls to fit the size of the shower elected. This is only necessary if the space does not match the showers available. New frame walls can be covered with green board, a panel of waterproof plaster. The mud and tape green board. Piece of plumbing pipes to fit the new shower.

Fix the base of the one piece shower stall floor and the existing drainage. Make sure the joints in the drain plumbing do not leak. Glue the fiberglass panels of the unit one-piece-shower for green board using construction adhesive. Install plumbing fixtures as directed. The controls for water flow and the shower head are usually purchased separately from the shower. Check all connections for leaks before proceeding.

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