Motif Kitchen Tile Backsplash Interesting

Feb 6th

Kitchen tile backsplash is an additional layer that is used to coat the walls of the kitchen that is not easy to mold. Ceramic material is one of the most frequently used as kitchen wall sheathing. Kitchen wall will be easy to mold because it has a very high humidity level, especially when the cooking process is underway. High humidity can lead to mold growth, when the walls are lined with ceramic not easily be moist and well drained. Besides is not easy to damp, smooth ceramic surface that will be easier to clean when exposed to splashes of liquid during the cooking process takes place.

Kitchen Tile Backsplash Makes the Display More Attractive

Ceramics are used to coat the walls of the kitchen also has a number of very interesting motif, this motif can choose according to your liking. Motive owned by ceramic coating the walls will be slightly different from the motives that we often find on the ceramic floor. Ceramic floors tend to be plain and also sized wide enough, the average side size 40-50 cm, while for ceramic wall using the average size of 30cm. In choosing a ceramic motif wall covering kitchen, you should adjust the kitchen theme that will be created or existing ones. For example, when you use a kitchen classic theme, the ceramics used should have a natural color like brown.

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Kitchen Backsplash Expanded Function

Backsplash originally only found on the walls around the taps or around the stove, because the ultimate goal is to prevent water splashes on the walls. But over time, backsplash installed in nearly all the kitchen wall, the reason was the same: to prevent the wall exposed to splashes of water. But when considered more carefully, not all of the walls can be exposed to splashes of water. Mounting on all the walls of the kitchen are actually just based on the desire to make kitchen becomes more beautiful look. Besides, when someone put the tile on all the walls of the room will also be aesthetically cleaner.