More Ideas to Mini Safes

Jul 29th

In this particular article we are talking about mini safes, essential item in any office, shop, business and / or home to save money, personal belongings and documents. The safes are essential if you have values ​​that must be protected, so there are many types, models and sizes for every need, and although we are more used to seeing the larger models, we must say that there are also mini safes for values which are important but smaller.

Mini safes that appears to have all the appearance of a book, but when you open it has a key lock and is hollow. Whereas has the dimensions of an ordinary book, not only goes well unnoticed, but if you have a large library, it is likely that no one even think about it there. This is one of the smallest safes models and one of the safest and their prices range between 20 and 30 dollars.

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On the other hand, we can also put mini safes within this group to the safes recessed to camouflage themselves as vent cap, which are measures 16 cm x 11 cm and 14 cm deep. Worth noting that, unlike the previous example these must be installed by a builder or someone who is knowledgeable about masonry since the idea is to go unnoticed.