Mirrored Sliding Closet Doors

Feb 10th

Mirrored sliding closet doors – The big difference that made the mirrored doors back in full force is the fact that they can be sliding and thus much wider and higher. They have a surrounding aluminum profile, preventing chips and the handle profile that is embedded in the side door.

Mirrored sliding closet doors today can reach over two meters wide and tall. The mirror is all making even broader environment. The major limitation to this size is the right foot and the entry that door in an elevator, for example. If you live in a home or do not mind paying a firm to lift the door by the window, the door can be very wide and high.

Another huge advantage is that with the mirrored sliding closet doors wider spreads eliminated the vertical lines that show the doors to open every 50 cm. Each sliding door is equivalent to 2 or 3 open! Notice the linear handle already stuck in the aluminum profile around the door is super discreet and easy to push the door. Furthermore the mirrored doors are usually more expensive and this solution to mix the two types of door reduces your budget.

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