Mirrored Behold Closet Doors

Jan 2nd

Measures the thickness of the Mirrored Behold Closet Doors -of your closet and purchase a set of mirror fasteners for screws that fit the thickness of your door. You do not want to insert screws leaving by the back. Determines the position of your mirror on the closet door.

Hold it on the door and draw a mark of an inch in length at each corner. This will give the locations of the mirrored bifold closet doors. Drilled the four holes, one in each mark you made, using a 1/4 inch drill bit. Be careful not to pierce the whole door.

Drywall anchors inserted in the holes you did. Use a hammer to place them gently on the door. Although you will not be installing anchors in plaster, will serve as mirrored bifold closet doors and avoid any damage to the wooden door. Background fasteners installed using screws, but do not tighten completely.

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