Magnolia Wreath, It's Very Beautiful!

Jul 30th

Today we present magnolia wreath as part of Christmas decoration. We are used to seeing this plant often and very often at Christmas because it is very beautiful and leaves retain their fresh appearance for long. Magnolia tree is native to Americas and Southeast Asia. Magnolia leaves are simple and oval and measure about fifteen feet long and ten wide. They are dark green, but in winter usually acquire a chestnut color. This tree is decorated at Christmas in tropical countries, usually in places where fir trees could not thrive.

Magnolia wreath is a perfect complement to our Christmas decoration, but also it can play lead. If you are planning to develop an Advent wreath or Christmas wreath, we suggest using magnolia leaves with pine cones and fir branches. Centerpieces can also be adorned with these oval and shiny leaves, along with Christmas flowers and red berries.

Another original idea is to paint colors magnolia wreath. If you use gold spray paint can get a super shiny metallic look, ideal for a typical Christmas decorations. We can tie leaves on stem or at lower end and hanging them with a thread. Another way lashing each sheet tape or fabric loop.

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However if they choose to develop a crown, only they need a donut shaped base that will fill. We can use a donut of polie ethylene or do it ourselves with twigs or some type of material that can keep rigidly. We hope you liked our post and which could provide inspiration for Christmas decoration of your home. If you want to know more interesting crafts, be sure to visit our blog, we’ll be waiting.