Magnolia Leaf Wreath

Jul 29th

Magnolia leaf wreath – the history of magnolia trees is intertwined with the history of the south. Magnolia flowers are colorful and fragrant. the evergreen leaves grow up to 10 inches long and have a leathery texture. These broad leaves with dark green leaves are perfect to make garlands. a magnolia wreath sheet can be used in the form of a strand or a wreath. divide the 50 to 60 leaves together face up in four equal rows. Soak a crown of foam florist of 15 inches in a tub of water plastic.

Insert sheets individually magnolia leaf wreath erectly into the foam, starting from the bottom of the crown ring and keep them perpendicular to the foam. Press leaves in the foam securely so that there is no need of glue or wire. repeat this process to make four concentric rings of leaves covering the crown, and then let dry.

The loop velvet at the bottom of the crown with 15 inches of fish. tie 15 inches fishing around the upper part magnolia leaf wreath  of the crown to make a loop. Tie 15 inches of ribbon of red velvet around the upper part of the crown to make a loop. Slide the crown hung on the door at the top of the door. Hang the line loop of fishing on the crown hanging in the door and then place velvet loop tape red on fishing line so that you cannot see.

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