How to Sew Button of Tufted Office Chair

Jul 29th

Tufted office chair – Furniture with buttons sewing creates a tuft, a pull in the fabric and stuffing which protrude the rest of the tissue around the button. Most tufted seats eight to ten keys make bushes on the seat. If you want to sew on a leather chair to create a tufted look a button, you must do so before the chair is finished. The front of the seat to be coated, but the back of the chair should be open.

Instructions to sew the button of tufted office chair. First, cut a piece of wire at least 20 centimeters long. Get through the needle and pull the sides of the wire so that they even. Push the needle through the foam in the unfinished back of the leather chair. Insert the needle through the place you want to sew a button. Please leave a tail of thread about 4 to 5 centimeters long.

Thread the needle through the back of the button two or three times. Insert the needle back in the foam and the back of the tufted office chair. Pull the wire taut pieces so they are a bunch. Tying the loose ends of wires in a firm knot and stapling the ends in place.

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