How to Paint Sheet Vinyl Tile Flooring

Jan 9th

Vinyl tile flooring – Painting your floor is a way to change the look of a room at a low cost. With paint and a brush, you can create a pattern or design that you want to create, which the original flooring material with what you want. Vinyl floors can be painted on, but offers a few obstacles you’ll have to overcome before laying the first brush stroke.

Clean the floor with a neutral vinyl floor cleaner and a mop or brush. Remove all dirt and debris, scrubbing the floor on hand if needed. Remove the glossy finish of the surfaces of the vinyl sheet flooring with sandpaper. Place a sheet of 220-grit sandpaper on a sanding pole and do not seem more on the vinyl to the floor. Sweep the floor free of dust. Remove the luster of the pressing deep into the vinyl tile flooring record with a liquid.

Apply a coat of primer to the surface, brushing the primer with a paint roller or brush for smaller areas. Do not paint the vinyl tile flooring of the color or pattern of your choice, using a brush or roller. Secure 180-grit sandpaper around a sanding block and go over the painted surface by hand, removing any imperfections in the paint. Cover to protect the painted area with two layers of polyurethane on the surface, with the aid of a brush or roller.

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