How to Paint a Cast Iron Clawfoot Tub

Apr 15th

A cast iron clawfoot tub bath can be a lovely addition to your room bathroom provided it is in good condition and has the maintenance right. The old claw-foot tubs are usually made ​​of cast iron and tend to rust, if they have not been adequately addressed. A few layers of foundation and paint quality can restore the appearance of cast iron bathtub, helping to prevent further damage and prolonging its life.

Sand the outside of the tub with sandpaper grit 150. Does it until you have removed all the paint flakes? Apply a base corrosion resistant cast iron clawfoot tub, such as Rust-Ileum oil. Foundation will help the paint to adhere properly to the surface and prevent corrosion damage your bathtub. Let the first layer of the base is dry and apply a second coat. Let dry thoroughly before painting the tub.

Paint the cast iron tub enamel paint with oil based on the color you want. Let dry completely. Dip a piece of sandpaper 220 grit wet / dry. Gently sand the paint dry enamel with sandpaper of water to create a smooth surface. Clean any excess water with a dry cloth when you are finished sanding. Apply a second coat of enamel paint to the cast iron clawfoot tub and let it dry completely.

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