How to Hang Bathroom Medicine Cabinets on Wall

Jan 29th

Bathroom medicine cabinets are no longer utilitarian metal boxes with paint chips and parts. Find the kits in many styles, from sleek modern to traditional type’s table models pearls. Select one – or two if you have double sinks. Most do double duty as a mirror and wardrobe. Brush a seeker of studies on the wall where it will hang the bathroom medicine cabinets. Mark the location of the studs.

Draw a line straight from the sink faucet whether to focus the bathroom medicine cabinets over the sink. Establishing a level against the wall in the middle of the line to account for any variations in the wall. Adjust the line if necessary so that it is level. This is the plumb line. Lift the bathroom medicine cabinets in position with a partner, focusing on the plumb line.

Make two marks on the wall to indicate where the bottom of the cabinet should go. Make another mark on the wall to indicate the top of the cabinet. Intersection of this line with the plumb line. Hold the cabinet in place and mark the position on the wall for the screws. The kit should have two holes and placed inside of the screws.

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