How to Decorate an Open Living Room Furniture Elongated Tack-Dark

Aug 15th

How to decorate an open living room – Paint your walls in the living room of a single unifying color. Avoid sharp white-blue based, that make the room look vacancies. Instead, use a new neutral color like gray stone, gray hot pink, light yellow, cream with pink tones or tone of the pale ground. Arrange your furniture in dark tones to maximize space. Avoid pushing everything against the wall, even if your living room is long and narrow.

How to decorate an open living room, value with patterned floor coverings bright. Carpets, rugs, modular carpet tiles and mats divide the horizontal planes of a floor plan of the Long Room. Integrating other textiles that bring out the dark tones of the furniture. , Table runners cotton pale cream contrasting with dark tables. Sage green or pink can be carried out in dark brown tones, while cobalt, turquoise, burgundy or yellow emphasize different shades of black.

How to decorate an open living room illuminate with accent lighting from multiple sources. Each area should have its own sources of light. About a sofa, a table lamp provides a good reading light. Around the fireplace, wall sconces add dramatic up-lighting. A conversation or dining area benefits from a striking accessory up as a chandelier or pendant lights.

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