Herbs Garden Box Ideas

Jul 27th

Herbs bloom in the gardens of the box, when sharing needs like water and soil. A small garden box ideas on the kitchen window or larger on the patio provides fresh herbs for cooking throughout the growing period.

There are some garden box ideas. The first, any wooden box or otherwise used to grow herbs should have drainage holes perforated at the bottom to prevent grass roots from being flooded. Several holes spaced along the bottom of the box provide sufficient drainage.

Soil conditions also interest for herbs growth. Herbs do not grow well in heavy soils, clay type or in areas that are particularly wet. They prefer well-drained soils, but do not require fertilization. Most herbs can thrive in a garden box. Parsley, chives and sage all grow well together. Basil, rosemary, thyme and oregano form a combo of culinary welcome in any kitchen. Here are some garden box ideas. Do you want make it?

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