Handheld Shower Head

Jul 27th

Hand showers come in a variety of designs Handheld Shower Head-but there are two main classes. This bathroom accessory serves many needs, from making it easier to take a shower for those who are disabled to renew the shower enclosure. The way a hand shower works depends on its type, but all allow the flow of water from a pipe in the shower or bath that is redirected.

There are two types handheld shower head those holding or replace flower shower, and that attach to the tub faucet. Which they are connected to shower flowers can be used in the bath or shower compartment. Hand showers connected to the tap of a bathtub only are used in them. These are usually very basic, with little or no aggregate function.

Flower shower, unscrew the old flower and replace it with that. Typically the kit comes with a hook included to attach the hose to the wall of the handheld shower head. When the tub faucet or shower opens, water flows from the shower head hand. If the design allows, the user can alter the strength and direction of water flow

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