Furniture Inspired By Racing Seat Office Chair

Jul 29th

The Federal Capital, known as the setting of the branches of government and catwalk formal wear, suits and ties, will end the month with an unusual event, the first racing seat office chair .The Brasilia musician, Marcelo Sabra, had the idea to create the national event after seeing issues that occurred in Germany and Australia.

The call was launched on a social network and within hours had more than thousand participants confirmed. The musician says he decided to imitate the idea of ​​racing seat office chair, but did not expect the repercussions. “I decided to make the event and called a lot of people to see if at least ten idlers like me pilhariam to do this, but ran out of control.” Says Sabra.

The story seems to be a joke was taken seriously by a mobile network office. The company wants to sponsor the event. The invitation to Internet users, there is a call for solidarity to office chairs. “Every day you sit in your racing seat office chair and work or to take for a walk. While you enjoy the weekend, it is there in the office or on the company alone enjoying the buzz of the UPS. For take your office chair and let us run the race of the year. Free co-worker that you can stand more for a radical challenge. “Invites the musician.

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Despite being the first edition of the racing seat office chair already has rules. Motorized chairs or drawn trainees are prohibited, sitting competitors in each other’s lap assume the risk of falling and the event is not responsible for public or private property used, damaged or subtracted during the event.