Decorative Wreath with Moss Wreath

Jul 31st

Moss wreath-. Funny how, in the network, we can find an infinite number of pages devoted to crafts and home decor. In this blog we love to share with you what we discover, such as “the art of doing stuff”, the blog of Karen, a Canadian to which you enjoy doing different things, how to cook and learn to do things for herself. Do not fail to follow because you will learn a lot. Even installed a central vacuum home of malefaction floors    , herself!

Today, with the arrival of autumn, we would like to share with you the art of making a crown with decorative moss wreath. And all the stuff you’ll need is very economical and part of it; you can find it in our store!  We need the aforementioned tube and a piece of wood or plastic tubing 6 or 7 centimeters long. Will heat gun and melt silicon impregnate one end of wood or plastic tube and insert it into the noodle. We will make the same step at the other end and reaffirm the union with a piece of duct tape. As attaching a tube to crown moss

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Step 3:  Once you’re satisfied with how the base of the crown, gets a lot of mushrooms. Only regular mushrooms old grocery, but if you get artificial, will last much longer moss wreath. You can also paste the gun with silicone, but they are soft and natural, you can use a toothpick and place the way you like! ET voila, here is the result!!! If you prefer to have it on a table, you just have to put up a stand at the bottom, not having a lot of weight, just by inserting and sticking with silicone, you will endure well.

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