Cute Square Wreath is Easy to Do!

Apr 10th

Good morning friends! Today we will teach our space to make a beautiful square wreath to door. If you want to decorate your door or some surface, today I propose this cute crown… Very different from all that we see. By tradition, crowns are usually round, but someone has come up with brilliant idea to renew this tradition and give us this exquisite finish.

If you have some patience and like crafts, maybe you can make this wreath to decorate your home for Christmas. It is very easy to make, you just have to get thick wire But not too much, a little foliage, can be leaves and fruit of plant that you want as holly or mistletoe, pine needles, pine cones. What more you like. A little silicone to adhere, you can also add moss and finally grab a great decorative ribbon in this case in white color.

Square wreath is a pretty versatile crown, and then we can change elements and colors, also proportions. To start you only have to give way to wire square, you can help pliers. It tries to be an almost perfect square. Then you just have to add branches and foliage you have selected.

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Go adding and paste what you need, do it with silicone. Finally intrudes a decorative ribbon, among flowers and leaves that you have put. Finally tie a knot and so splendid bring Christmas spirit into our home for 2015. If you want to hang it on door you can put a small rope on one side and ready a beautiful ornament made with our hands. Cute square wreath is easier than it looks and has some really cute results.