Closet Organization Ideas to Get More Out of Space

Jul 27th

Closet organization ideas are key to maintaining order at home topic. Today, from Kibuc, we are going to give some advice on how we should organize clothes considering the most common items that we usually take along all year. Lola Clean, responsible for order at Home, expert organization recommends organize clothes on hangers along a color gradient, starting with white and following up the darker shades. Thus we place the garment more easily we seek.

Another key to closet organization ideas is using the same kind of hanger is shown to save space and besides being aesthetically more harmonious. For pants, we have two options, multiple hangers -cabin up to four one- pants or trouser which is also very practical. Regarding the folded clothes, we can use the shelves for the more voluminous, sweaters and shirts, and drawers for underwear and accessories.

For shirts, it is very practical sort them by color and place them on stairs. In general, when to fold not to do more than three folds, as the garment wins and takes up more volume. The ladder system is also useful for storing lingerie. Another good option, closet organization ideas, is to use a drawer with dividers.

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