Best trick to bathroom space savers

Jul 27th

Today along with our decorating tips we will occupy bathroom and we will give you some tips to bathroom space savers, which always comes in handy. bathroom should be a comfortable and pleasant, giving us a sense of spaciousness and luminosity. Bright colors, large mirrors and presence of fixtures are vital for this, but it is also imperative that is sorted. For this, it is best to save as much space.

First, we must dispense with tub and installing a small shower. Currently possibilities are many and varied, including tub. With a plate of curvilinear spare a few centimeters, which can also be applied to toilet and sink. Furniture corners are perfect for bathroom, because they allow us to occupy space normally wasted. Same goes for furniture suspended on walls, very fashionable today and easy to find. They give us a great bathroom space savers, leaving floor free so bathroom easier to clean. Shelves or cabinets can be, depending on what you want to save.

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Moreover, to bathroom space savers is highly recommended that our sink with a cabinet underneath count that has enough capacity to store accessories like hair, small towels and cleaning products, among other things. Therefore we must reject classic pedestal sink, which steals valuable space.