Best Hand Scraped Wood Floors

Dec 18th

Hand scraped wood floors – Distressed wood flooring has become a popular choice in many homes, according to the website of Trends soil, and is commonly seen in interiors with rustic designs or country. Buying prescribed or recovered wood can be expensive. You can create your own custom-designed scraped floors with some new hardwood floors or even plants that are already installed. Wood laminate floors will not work for this technique – only wood floors can be scraped off by hand.

How do hand scraped wood floors, Scrape the first board. Examine the wood and search all visible knots and spirals. When the wood ages, these are the points that are affected first. You can reproduce the natural aging process by scraping in these areas. Hold the scraper firmly in one hand and drag down along on the board. Change the intensity of the scraper while working. Start by holding the spatula lightly and barely scratch the surface of the wood. Vary the location of your scraping on other boards. Wood does not age evenly. Do not repeat patterns in scraping together.

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Beat the tables with a heavy chain for authentic scraping. Vary your pattern as you work. Some boards should be more anxious than others. Beat in the area scraped to add dimension and texture. Protect wood when finished scraping. Although you want your hand scraped wood floors look distressed, you still want it to last. Remove the chips were behind the scraping with a chisel, and soften the edges with a sanding block fine grain.