Best Design Succulent Wreath For Christmas

Jul 28th

Create a miniature garden in the form of a succulent wreath that adorns the entrance and welcomes any holiday. The fun part about this wreath is that it can not only last for years, but can also be dressed up with a tape of different color for any holiday. Give it a black and orange for Halloween tie a yellow harvest, orange or rusty brown ribbon Thanksgiving, red and green for Christmas, fun colors for birthdays. Although a wreath living ago to be more careful than a crown of dried flowers or false, it is much more fun and more lasting.

Choose a form. succulent wreath of dried wood and are available ready-made braided. Wire forms lie flat they are also a good option. Sculpts a form of chicken wire or recycled polystyrene foam if you prefer. Moss soak overnight in preparation for use on the form. Loop a piece of wire around the shape or frame to make a hanger for the suspension of the wreath on the door or wall. Use durable to withstand the maximum weight, even after you’ve watered his crown cable. Cover the base with damp earth.

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Place damp sphagnum moss, add the ground in the middle and wrap several centimeters every time, all the form or frame. Alternatively, leave out the ground and use the moss itself. Tie in place with twisted wire around the form. Leave one to two inches from the cable to insert the plants. When the succulent wreath base should look like moss tires with a protruding peg is made.

Lie on the floor wreath for a week or two to allow small plants rooted in place when the form is covered. Crown give good light but not direct, hot sun. Spray with water every other day to prevent drying. Hang the succulent wreath in a sunny spot. If you live in a hot climate, it will do well in shade or dappled, bright light. Spray once a week if the weather is dry with less humidity. You do not want to keep plants moist: simply should not completely dry.

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