Affordable Finishing Plywood Floors

Dec 15th

Painting plywood floors is an affordable way to customize a home without paying for expensive flooring options, such as hardwood, carpet or tiles. Plywood can be painted a solid color or decorated with faux finish looks like tile and stone. It is essential to prepare plywood before painting with a water-based primer. Let primer dry, usually 2-3 days plywood, before beginning to paint.

Paint plywood a base color, such as dark brown or tan before you begin. As soon as base dries, to obtain measurement of room to center. Combine equal parts of a rust-red paint with a medium gloss applied to each square tile. This will be base color by creating a coordinating color to come up with grout. Wait for paint to dry completely before removal of specie tape. End floor by application of an acrylic sealer.

A rising trend in painted plywood floors consists of painting a permanent blanket on wood. Choose a base color for floor and let them dry. Base needs to be provided for different colors and neutral details are in carpet. Measure an area to fit carpet, such as a runner or in center area in a living room. Use painters tape to mark area for carpet. Add details to spine, such as strips, circles or edges with masking tape to mark areas. Templates can also be applied to back for additional detail. Paint carpet coordinating colors, and when you’re done, close whole floor with an acrylic sealer.

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