A Concrete Floor Covered With Epoxy Floor Paint

Dec 18th

Epoxy floor paint – One of the most common types of paint used in industrial applications are epoxy floor paint, which can even be found in some specialized outlets. Clearly the name does not tell us much about this product unless we are linked to the technological development of products, as are the people working in Sherwin-Williams. For this reason we have to clarify your doubts regarding this product and list some of their uses.

The epoxy floor paint is a product of two components; the first is an epoxy resin consisting of high durability and strength, while the second is high performance epoxy enamel. It is mostly industrial and high duty use.

He Iponlac 331 of Sherwin Williams is an epoxy floor paint enamel termination poly amide, formulated for protecting steel and concrete in industrial environment exposure. This product is ideal for layering maintenance and arsenals. Its characteristics are that it is a product of great strength and durability, excellent brightness, easy application and wide range of colors. Although, as we told you, is a product used mainly in the industrial sector, it can also be used for certain domestic work, to cover the floor of a subway, parking, a terrace to the weather or to protect walls outward separation exposed to high levels of humidity and heat.

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